Chemotherapy Medi-Butler


Sold by the case, 6 per case.

Use for: Empty vials, syringes, tubing, gowns/gloves/wipes, and other items that have been soiled with trace of chemotherapy drug.

12 Gallon
18 Gallon
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The ONLY leak-proof sharps containers available meeting the U.S. Department of Transportation packing standards.*

Available in 12 or 18 gallons. Sold in cases of six units of same model

-BUTLER Advantages:

Ideal for labs, operating rooms, emergency rooms, pharmacies, physician’s offices, and outpatient treatment centers.

All containers color coded and labelled for non-hazardous, chemotherapy, sharps, and toxic/ignitable, hazardous waste.

Can be branded to customer specifications

Available in 12 or 18 gallon sizes with option of flat or port lids.

Ergonomically designed lids have a built-in top handle for safe and easy handling.

Environmentally friendly: releases no toxic gases during incineration.

Lids are fastened to container body with 14 hooks and a special adhesive seal, and may be closed temporarily or permanently, hermetically sealed when locked down.

No required secondary packaging for disposal; just seal, label, manifest, and ship to a federally permitted Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF).


*Competitor products DO NOT provide the strength or material to transport medical waste. medi-BUTLER containers have NO required secondary packaging, resulting in significant savings when factoring in safety and cost of alternate disposal methods.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 39 in

12 Gallon, 18 Gallon

Lid Type

Flat, Port